The Quality: our first goal

About us

     From an old Nicoise family, Joseph Dalmasso, dairy feeder, in 1962 acquired the land of his birth, at 303 chemin de Saquier. This parcel from which springs a source, would be ideal for growing flowers and vegetables.  

     His son Jacques age 14, helps his father in the operation, and when Joseph retired  Jacques took over the area.

     The land, because of its exposure, would also prove conducive to wine culture and in 1986 Jacques planted vines for his personal use and his friends. (AOC "wine of Bellet", was recognized in 1941)

     In 1991, the winemaking passion is the strongest and the greenhouses are gradually replaced by vines thus we finally saw the birth of the vineyard "Domaine de la Source" taking the name of the source who had so generously watered the carnations and other flowers under the warm sun of Provence.

     Since 2003, Jacques accompanies his children Carine and Eric. They dedicate themselves 200% in this operation.

       ●     Production to date, extends over 7 hectares, 7 hectares bathed in the generous sun of the French Riviera.