White Wine AOP Bellet 2021 (0.75cl) organique

Medium lemon colour with goldish hues. Nose is intense, expressing ripe pear, nectarine peach, some exotic scents of mango and roasted pineapple, white blossoms with a hint of honey. The palate is dry, smooth with supple, melting acidity still offering a fresh feeling enhanced by pleasant bitter zests. With generous character, bringing layers of texture and spices, the finish offers pungent white pepper, and a hint of fresh almonds. 5- 6 years of cellarability, this fleshy white can pair with Scallops tartare with mango or roasted quails, peaches and oriental spices. 

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Rosé 2022 Wine AOP Bellet

Medium orange pink, the nose is delicate, with fine reductive character offering stony, iodic notes intertwined with classic liquorice scents. As the wine breathes it brings up layers of fruit: pomegranate, orange, some strawberry. Typical Braquet nose with herbal glints. Dry, ripe, and smooth with melting acid structure, moderate tannins in the grand scheme of rosé wines, relatively rich character with spicy feel: liquorice, aniseed, pepper. Its classic mellow texture is imbued with red fruit and stony notes. Subtle bitter orange zests, liquorice, laurel, and pepper complete the whole, a hint of peony lingers on the aftertaste. 3-4 years. Pairs well with monkfish and “beurre noisette”, polenta with pomegranate and laurel. 

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Red 2020 Wine AOP Bellet

Ruby with a garnet hue, the nose shows an intense, wild character, tinged with spices as well as a late early tertiary - leather, tobacco. The fruit is ripe, creamy, candied, especially black fruit, cherry, marasque. The palate is dry, high acidity, silky texture, with fairly firm tannins and high structure, powdery, chocolatey grain, a full and generous wine, where we come back to ripe fruit to finish with a few touches of evolution: tobacco, noble leather. Long. 8-10 years for custody. To be enjoyed in harmony with wild boar hazelnuts lacquered with blackcurrant reduction, parsnip purée with liquorice.

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Bulles So Nice traditional method 0.75CL ORGANIQUE

Pale silvery yellow in color, punctuated by beading. The nose is clean, pleasant, offering a fruity register, with peach aromas, or producing light levian notes pulling autolysis and giving a fresh character of pain. A balsamic and resin note completes the whole and is reminiscent of some Cava. Dry, the entry of mouth tender and creamy, by the bubbles which are present and line the palate. The acidity is moderate, giving an easy character. The wine takes its relief by the phenolics of autolysis or from the part that stays in barrels, giving more density at the end. The palate takes again the aromatic notes of the nose. The delicate finish is tinged with notes of citrus and zest. Ready to drink, juvenile, it will be a companion for an aperitif or for a scallop tartare with mango.

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Pale lemon yellow or white reflections, a delicate nose that offers a toasted, almond veil to let out notes of peach and lemon when aired. Dry, supple acidity, generous nuance which integrates with the creamy texture, the aromatic mouth is more intense with notes of butter, cream, vanilla, in a pastry register always accompanied by toast, almond. The finish is supported by some pretty bitter phenolics, which makes it firmer, giving more structure for a wine that already has body. Persistent, elegant, a wine still showing potential, to drink over the next 3-4 years. To marry with a supreme of guinea fowl cooked at low temperature, almond butter under the skin and sweet potato puree. Aging potential 8-10 years and over.

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In its dark purple ruby, the wine expresses a wild, bloody, reductive character, from which pierce nuances of black fruit of wood, marasque cherry, sweet spices in the framework of a wise aging: cinnamon, nutmeg, in canvas in the background come nuances of pot pourri, withered flowers such as peony. A complex and distinctive nose. Dry, high acidity, salivating, tannins supported with a firm grain but coated with spicy generosity, the juicy texture is imbued with floral nuances, black fruits, spices, to finish long, tasty. A full bodied wine, but which could let the Folle Noire express itself now, but would be more open within 4-5 years, with an estimated aging of around 10-12 years. For a duck breast in tataki with mild spices, beetroot mousseline soy reduction.

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Olive Oil AB

Nice PDO olive oil, very soft, fine and delicate with an aroma of artichoke when it is young and nutty after a year.


First cold pressing, Extra virgin, no filtration, hence its cloudy color.




Organic product certified by Ecocert




To taste with salads, a filet on fresh pasta, a fish or quite simply with bread.

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