-Grape varieties: 100% Rolle.

-Parcel exposure: South - South - East.

-Soil: Soil consists of pebbles mixed with a very clear sand (pudding) with some clay veins

-Average age of the vines: 20 years around.

-Winemaking: Harvest 35 hl / hectare. Manual harvest in crates, sorted. Technical assembly by maceration and direct pressing. Must thermo-regulated during alcoholic fermentation after static settling (stall 24 to 36 hours).


Organoleptic characteristics:

Visual aspect: Deep color, bright yellow, sparkling, does not tarnish with time.

Bouquet: Powerful nose, citrus (mandarin, pink grapefruit), white flower.

Taste: Ample palate, fruity, harmonious. These are wines that age beautifully and can give way to exceptional bottles with an amazing mouthfeel. Crisp finish,with a pleasant length.

-Temperature: 11 ° C but not iced.

-Shelf life: 3 years to around 5 years depending on the vintage.

-Suggested pairings / wines: Dry and fruity, it may serve as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to fish and shellfish.